Is it time for Androids in the Enterprise?

In this month’s Computerworld column I take another look at Android for enterprise and business use. I come to some different conclusions than I have in the past, with regard to 2.2, AKA FroYo but there’s still some issues.

A lot of end users are finding Android devices such as the HTC Incredible and EVO 4G captivating, but the only device out there right now that’s running 2.2 is the Nexus One. IT departments need to get the word out to users that their Android devices won’t be considered for enterprise support until they are upgraded to 2.2. Unfortunately, for most devices, that won’t happen until much later this year. To make matters more complicated, Google promises at least one more operating system release (known as Gingerbread) before the end of the year. There are likely to be further enterprise enhancements in that release. Another re-evaluation may be warranted then.

3 responses to “Is it time for Androids in the Enterprise?

  1. Maybe Google should go back to their core business rather than trying to get into the operating system business with Android, which they give away for free.
    Check out GOOG stock price the past year. They are not making any money with Andriod.

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