3D TV Falls Flat

This week’s Engadget column is all about 3D TV. I first saw the new generation of 3D TVs last summer in Berlin at IFA. I was skeptical at that time but am even more so more so now. If for no reason, it fails my second law of consumer electronics. At the moment, there’s not a chance i’d replace an existing TV for a 3D set and if I did need to replace a TV, I wouldn’t pay the premium for 3D, at least not anytime soon.

Someday technology will advance and 3D will be integrated into every screen. Standards will be deployed and the bulky and costly glasses will disappear. Content providers will figure out how to tell better stories with 3D that wouldn’t have been possible before. And if that happens before I do my holiday shopping this year, I’ll be on board. Given the low probability of that scenario, I’m going to pass for now. I expect many other consumers will as well.

One response to “3D TV Falls Flat

  1. The fact is, none of these manufacturers are selling 3D TVs at all. They are selling a lousy fake which they market as 3D, but which requires those cruddy eye-crutches for every person involved. That is why you don’t like it. It’s bogus and low quality, and that’s never going to ring true.

    I accept that the best we can do right now is to simulate a 3D experience, but we know what the real stuff will look like. Young Superman watched Jor-El escape Krypton with a true 3D viewer; The high councils in Star Wars used closed-circuit 3D. And you could tell it looks great! You wanted that in your own living room!

    So when my holographic TV can be properly placed *in the center* of my home theater, and the sofas and chairs are swapped out to the perimeter, where they belong, so that we can all watch the game or the drama from whichever angle we choose – then we’ll have 3D TV.

    When that day comes, I’ll be first in line at the TV store. But until then, they can keep their nasty headache-inducing face-crap to themselves!

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