Let digital be digital

This week’s Engadget column explores the trend in user interface design to make the digital more analog in nature. I’m personally not a fan and would rather seem more examples of digital experiences being true to themselves and not mimicking the analog world.

While the analog look is both welcoming and familiar, it’s a trend I hope doesn’t continue. If I want to use a moleskine notebook, a yellow legal pad or an ornate wooden compass, I will. Let’s let digital be digital and keep the analog stuff where it belongs — outside in the physical world.

2 responses to “Let digital be digital

  1. I think we went too far with the computer interface and really we need to bring it a Little bit back to meet our expectation from computer world where things are more simple and the industrial design doesn’t effect the functions i think thats why we need to use the computer to writing document rather than typewriter imagine winword UI similar to typewriter !!

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