RIM needs to make the BlackBerry business-sexy

I’ve been spending some time with the new Blackberry Torch post RIM’s event a few weeks back. It’s been a mixed experience (more on that in the future) but it’s also been very revealing in how it relates to RIM’s business market. That’s the topic of this month’s Computerworld column.

When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, RIM refocused efforts on the business user while Apple targeted the mass market. The first iPhone clearly could not meet business needs. Over time, however, both Apple and Google, while wooing the mass market, have made huge strides in adding more business-required support, positioning themselves to capture the hearts and minds of both the business user and the consumer, who in many cases are one and the same. RIM’s challenge now is to keep delivering on the needs of the enterprise while at the same time packing the BlackBerry with the sexiest features that will truly drive end-user interest. If it doesn’t do this well, RIM is likely to lose share and ultimately become no more than a footnote in the mobile market that it helped create and define a decade ago.

One response to “RIM needs to make the BlackBerry business-sexy

  1. As a BES administrator who also handles Exchange w/ iPhone and Droid, I can tell you that our IT staff of 200+ loves the Blackberry. Messenger, group chat, ease of synchronization, and speed are all reasons. I rarely even use a computer anymore, as I can be efficient and effective right from my 9650. Apple has come a long way, especially when Exchange is involved, but it hasn’t swayed the hearts of minds of those who truly use their Blackberry devices all the time, as a necessity. Droid, while great with apps, is horrible with email, particularly Exchange. That has been my experience.

    I think Blackberry should make a commercial with a Droid user, an iPhone user, and a Blackberry user, similar to the “I’m a Mac vs I’m a PC” ads. The Apple user can be a young hipster bragging about awesome the iphone is, the droid user can be a tech geek, and the blackberry can be a business executive or IT executive.

    “Apple has an app for it, Droid DOES it, but with Blackberry, it’s already done.”

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