Schadenfreude and Apple

I’ve hesitated to write something in depth on the so-called “antennagate”. My experience are pretty clear. Like many others, I have had no issues with my phone affecting normal use. The way some of Apple’s competitors have responded to Apple’s issue is something that I think is noteworthy and is the subject of this month’s Macworld column.

Rather than focus on Apple, antenna design, and attenuation, Apple’s competitors in the smartphone business should be telling more compelling stories about why their devices and platforms are best-of-breed. That’s the only argument that will ultimately win the hearts and minds of users, period. Bashing Apple’s devices simply won’t work. If Greek mythology has taught us anything, it’s just how dangerous hubris can be. I’d argue schadenfreude is right up on the list of traits to be avoided at all cost. The market is not a zero-sum game. Apple need not fail for others to succeed and compete effectively.

One response to “Schadenfreude and Apple

  1. “Bashing Apple’s devices simply won’t work” ??? Apple is bashing the devices of others! It is true many fiends of me don’t have an issue with the antenna but that is because they don’t want to. They love their phone so much that they forgive its flaws. I, on the other hand, have a lot of issues with their antenna’s because soud quality is afwul when I call them. Even a verry cheap samsung or nokia has better sound quality. And thats is proven in a lot of scientific tests. But hey, some people believe what they want to believe.

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